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What We Offer:





If interior decoration with blinds and shutters, whether verticlae blinds or interior shutters can decorate the outside shutters or exterior shutters. The most common are the most effective, namely shutters ALUMINIUM



Cool, SHADOW IN SUMMER AND WINTER PROTECTION AND HEAT ENERGY SAVING Because more than 25% of the heat transfer surface is accomplished by window will realize savings both in winter by reducing heating bills and during the summer when reduce the electricity bill by using for a younger of air conditioning.





- Soundproofing

These roller shutters / blinds aluminum exterior can protect us so prying eyes of "neighbors" and the intentions of the villains not only indiscreet.

It also protects exterior shutters and PVC elemntele (link Avdela) or aluminum over fitted.

When exterior shutters aluminum mounts Carpentry elemntele are not directly exposed to climatic factors (wind, rain, sun)

An execution quality makes it a roller to ensure good sound insulation and managed to reduce ambient noise by approximately 10dB making it an important aid in crowded areas.

There are several ways that can be closed shutters hence the important role in the case of forced entry attempts in your house or apartment.





These shutters can be operated manually or automatically, available with multiple choice items.


Manual - manual drive can be fitted with external shutters ribbon / cord, crank or spring tensioned


Automatic - to drive automatic exterior shutters can be fitted with engines whose power varies depending on greutate.Motorul can be operated with Button (fixed) or remote with 1.2 or more channels depending on the destination of these roller shutters.


For electrically operated roller shutters can be mounted a series of sensors, enabling them roll close to the appearance of external factors, even when no one is home (rain, wind, sunlight).







We are direct importers of these components for roller shutters / blinds outside so that we can achieve and deliver finished products in a wide range and very fast


INSTALLATION *** can be done in 3-5 days from the order OR measurements


*** TRANSPORT - FREE (Bucharest and Ilfov)


Due to the highly qualified staff will provide superior quality and reduced installation time will result in a longer duration of life roll applied can reach up to 25 years of use.


Installing shutters is applied in a shorter time and with as little intervention on carpentry and masonry.




Competitive prices for shutters

For all that we have our own production hall

Because we are direct Importers

Because we have specialized personnel

EXPLOSIVE shutters offer


From the moment you make a request to ready an employee will immediately contact you by phone or electronically to provide the price for roller shutters depending on your choice.

Whether you just want a price roller shutters or just advice we give attention and of course the best prices